We operate with your best interests in mind. Every time. 

Leading Edge Financial Planning, LLC is a fee-based financial services firm that is independent from the broker-dealer world. No ties to a big box firm or the pressure that comes with those firms to sell a certain product. 

Mike believes that as life changes on an ongoing basis, your plan should follow suit. 

As a Personal CFO for your home or business, Mike focuses on hearing your needs (where you are and where you want to go) and helps you to create a comprehensive plan. Mike is licensed in all insurance lines as well.

And that's why he created a  Financial Planning Model to fit your specific needs.


Financial planning shouldn't be a once a year meeting where you dust off your file, get told you don't have enough INSURANCE OR investments - and that's it.

Leading Edge Essentials (1).png

Leading edge essentials

$50/month + $199 Onboarding fee

Includes, but not limited to:

  • Vision Meeting: Brainstorm financial goals for the future for your family and/or business
  • Assessment & Planning meeting with a Financial Planner  with professional planning software.
  • Personalized financial planning website access
  • Consultations available for: major purchases; retirement, college plans or estate planning
  • Independent financial proposal or financial product evaluation
  • Strategic quarterly action plan session to move towards financial goals
  • Annual Financial Plan update and review based on client’s personal vision

Leading Edge ADVANCED

$100/month + $299 Onboarding Fee


Leading Edge Essentials Plan PLUS: 

  • Financial planning webinar event access
  • Annual insurance policy review
  • Detailed investments review
  • Accountability around ongoing Financial Planning tasks
  • Follow up & assistance to implement recommendations or action items (Up to 3 hours)


Leading EdgeAdvantage.png


$150/month + $399 Onboarding Fee: 

Leading Edge Advanced Plan PLUS;

  • End of year tax planning meeting and tax return review
  • Annual estate plan review
  • Assistance in implementing estate plan or tax   strategies (Up to 3 hours)


Price varies based on company size 

As a Personal CFO for your company, this plan would include everything in Leading Edge Professional Edge Plus (but not limited to): 

  • Offer Financial Counsel on large decisions
  • Assess & evaluate compensation plan (bonus & incentive structures)
  • Review Insurance, buy/sell agreements
  • Assist in mergers & acquisition transitions
  • Retirement Planning for employees & leadership