Fractional CFO for small-mid size businesses & entrepreneurs

Financial planner for individuals & families who represents only you, not a big box company

Handles complex situations with empathy and understanding


We represent your needs, not those of a large corporation.

We practice fee-based planning and advising, finding customized solutions to financial hurdles by representing & empowering your interests, not those of a large corporation. 


Plan for the 1st time

Bringing two people together should be a time of joy. But, two separate bank accounts, checkbooks and financial dreams can be a large hurdle to overcome. Begin your plan before the big day. 


planning for families

 Plans can change - and they will. Be prepared for all that life gives you with a plan that's flexible to course correct. Partnering with a Personal CFO allows you to be present knowing that the plan is solid.


plan for retirement

You've worked your whole life for this chapter. Time with family, freedom to travel and be present with your family. Be prepared for this stage with a simple and effective success plan in place. 

It's hard to know who to trust and what their motives are.


Mike Proctor, CFP® is an independent, fee-based, personal CFO and full fiduciary for individuals and businesses who want to do better than they are right now. 

The process is simple and transparent. Mike will listen to your needs, hear your concerns and propose a success plan for you that meets your goals, not those of a big box company.


3 Simple Steps to Success


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Life changes. And your plan should change, too.


Leading Edge Financial Planning, LLC works closely with their clients to create a plan, and to adjust the plan as needed, to achieve the client's financial goals. The goal is not to come in once a year, dust off your file, make sure you have enough life insurance and send you out the door. The goal is to build a relationship where our planners understand your goals, know the hurdles you might have to overcome to get there and are knowledgable to create a plan to get you there. 


Our Service Model