Thinking of transitioning ownership in the next 5 years?

Connect with Mike directly to learn more about business transition services across the United States.

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Step 1

The ExitMap® is a FREE Assessment that examines your exit preparedness in four key categories; Operations, Planning, Finance and Revenue/Profit.


This multiple-choice questionnaire does not ask for confidential financial information and should take only 15 minutes to complete.


A full color 12-page report will be emailed to you upon completion and will let you know where you stand today!



Step 2

We can get you started on a plan that will build value for your future. Sooner or later, every business owner leaves the business.


You should control the process and the time frame, and get the compensation you deserve.


After reviewing your Assessment report, we'll  debrief the ExitMap® Analysis© and discuss next steps. 

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*Although listed here, succession planning and business consulting is outside the scope of Leading Edge Financial Planning, LLC and is handled directly through Mike. No solicitations can be made until qualified investor status is verified. Call or email for more information.