Frequently Asked Questions


OUR GOAL is that finances would not be confusing. 

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we hear. If you have a question that's not answered below, just call us at 316-768-PLAN (7526). 


1. What is a CFO? 

A Chief Financial Officer is someone with responsibility for the financial affairs of a corporation or other institution (like a family).


2. What's a PERSONAL CFO? 

A personal CFO is someone with responsibility for the financial affairs of an individual or family, and can bridge the gap between business financial affairs and personal financial affairs. They work for YOU - not a large corporation, and operate as a full fiduciary. We work to help you strategize the moving financial pieces in your life. 


3.  What's the difference between a CFO and an accountant? 

An accountant compiles and studies past to current data to determine net worth, assets and adjusted income. A CFO looks at potential future opportunities to help steer and guide a family or business. On a ship - they are like the Lookout on a ship - looking for obstacles and providing guidance to the Captain (head of the household or CEO) on where to steer their ship. 


4.  what is the minimum net worth required to work with leading edge financial planning?

We work with anyone who is serious about building their balance sheet - regardless of where you're starting at today. Our Financial Planning, "Essentials Model" is designed to work with those who are just beginning to develop their strategy and savings plan. 


5.  do you work with clients out of state? 

Yes, we are licensed in multiple states. Reach out to discuss options for you. 


6.  what documents do i need to bring with me to my meeting? 

That depends on the meeting - check with Callie Dorsett, our Executive Assistant before coming to your meeting. Her direct line is 316-550-0951. 


7.  what if I already have an adviser? 

Most individuals already worked with an insurance professional, investment adviser and/or an accountant who may be giving them some planning tips for their finances here and there. Many times, they are not working together to look at comprehensive financial planning strategies that a fee financial adviser brings to the table. We work as the point person with your other professionals to ensure coordination and success towards the bigger goals. 

Much like the medical situation of an elderly person with multiple doctors prescribing multiple medicines without talking to each other - they cause more harm than good.  We work as the overseer (the CFO) on the accounts to make sure that each financial piece is working as it should for the overall health of the client. 


8.  do you offer college savings plans? 

Yes, as well as other savings options for children and families. See our Services Page here. 


9.   Do you offer investments, stocks & bonds? 

Yes, as well as multiple other investment and insurance lines. For a more comprehensive list, see our Services Page.  


10.  As a planning client, what should i expect? 

An objective set of eyes looking at your entire financial portfolio - for your home or business, as if it were our own money.  Our team helps to gather and compile data so it's in one place, design your plan within our wealth management software and simulate recommendations & strategies to help you execute your plan - looking at different paths to get there. Schedule a demo here